Russ Henshaw triple cork

Russ Henshaw triple cork
Breaking News: just after landing in Äre for 2011 Jon Olsson Invitational, we learn that Russ Henshaw stomped his triple cork 1440, just a few hours after Bobby Brown... Amazing !

Russ Henshaw :
filmed by Rob Norman / Red Bull


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Archiset Creation
 - by Archiset Creation 22 April 2011
1440 ?? where the hell do you see 4 rotations??
for me it's a 1080 sorry!!!

 - by Froque 29 April 2011
yes 1440.
-A simple cork is a off-center backflip
-A 360 is a twist

-Here, we have a triple backflip (off-center) with 1 twist in the first one.

So we have 3 cork and a 360.
Each cork count like a 360.
So 3*360 + 360 = 1440
=> Triple cork 1440 (or triple off-center backflip 360)

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