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Ricki Wood
 - by Ricki Wood,
24 July 2012
Although I have quite a few skis that cater for most conditions that we get to ski here in Australia, and some that are more suited for my trips to Japan, I was still on the prowl for a new ski that sits in the 100mm wasit bracket. After taking some Salomon, Liberty, Atomic and Kastle skis for a spin i was on my way home when i spotted the Cham 97 and thought 'Ive got to try that'. Im very glad i did.

They handled a very wide range of terrain over the time I had them. Hardpack, Slush, icy groomers, some bumps and even some little kickers and drops, these handled it all. Even on the steeps with little coverage, these still edged in and held their grip. I was more than impressed.

They would lend themselves perfectly to Japan conditions on most days too. The early rise tip and pintail made the ski feel a lot shorter than the 178cm i was on, but they didnt feel too short either. I would happily ride these over top of a longer version simply cos i love tree runs in Japan and i struggled with longer skis in the past. Not these, these turn on a dime.

I loved the traditional camber underfoot and flat tail as it allowed me to power out of turns with a lot of control and stability. This will explain why they held so nicely on steep sections too.

I reckon I have just found myself my next pair of skis to add to the quiver.

I dont want to seem too over the top with the ratings, but i truly believe they deserve the stars. This is the ski everyone will be talking about this year. IMO of course

test conditions

Tested size 178
Test Duration 40 minutes
Snow crud, groomers, thin coverage, some heavy powder stashes
Weather blue bird

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9 /10