s02e03 Dew Tour Killington & World Cup

As usual, this winter started out with lots of trainings, followed by numerous competitions.

FollowUs.tv Ep7 European Xgames Trainings

Texte Mathias Lopez - Photos Louis Garnier - Vidéo Mathias Lopez

After the Aspen XGames that went really well for Kevin and Xavier, we are back on tracks at the European XGames. The first training session being canceled, we take the time to go work out and have a swim at Tignes' pool. The pipe is perfectly shaped and the first runs are going very well. We slowly get our sensations back, but the training session ended on a small crash for Kevin who hurt his knee. 

FollowUs.tv episode 6 Park, Pow and Moguls

Stressing competition times are over and here is a more relaxed episode with some muggle skiing, some freeride and a great big air session in Val d'Isère.

FollowUs.tv episode 5 | XGames Gold and Bronze for the frenchies ! Video

They did it...

FollowUs.tv episode 4 XGames Trainings

X Games trainings by the FollowUs.tv crew !!

FollowUs.tv episode 3. Dew Tour and Park City

After the beach comes the snow. Holidays are over, we put skis back on. First stop is Park City with a huge and perfect 22 feet high pipe. We spent few days shredding and then the team arrived! Coach, cameraman, photographer... Holidays are definitly over now, but we are still in a good mood ! We have few days to practice our runs for the dew tour.

[Followus.tv] Episode 2 : Dew Tour Finals

Here we are, the season of competition has started in Breckenridge with the famous Dew Tour...

We trained for 10 days in Copper's 22 feet tall pipe and now, we are in Breckenridge, with a smaller pipe of 18 feet. It is very hard to get use to this new pipe and not to fall on the flat...
We noticed a huge evolution as soon as the qualifiers started: Most of the runs are more technical than the best runs of last year's X Games... But no worries, Thomas Krief is 7th, Xavier Bertoni is 2nd and I am 3rd.

The finals are surprising, especially because on the first runs, only 3 riders stomped all their tricks! On my second run, I was torn apart between giving the best of myself or playing it cool because of the sequence of events... And I picked the wrong option (the safe one) and finished 4th.

Xavier did a very clean run bu had a little fright on his flat 3 and finished 3rd. Thomas Krief, who did not land his runs as he wished, showed us that he was one of the best pipe riders in the world and he is only 16 years old...

[Followus.tv] Dew Tour in Breckenridge!

For sure, the pipe is going to lose its virtue this year and Xavier Bertoni tells us all about it!

After two weeks of training in Breck, the qualifiers for the Dew Tour arrived. The pipe is quite small but that's the way it is... It is competition, no other choice but to drop in! We trained for 2 hours and a half and the level is very high. It is the first competition of the year and everyone showed up with new tricks to make it in the finals.

Kevin rides hard, I feel his motivation but I can tell he has not showed everything he has in store yet.
It is raining doubles and Peter Olenick goes so high in its double flat 5s that I get scared watching him. It so impressive! Unfortunatly for Peter, Thomas Krief is in the place and stomped one of the most beautiful run of his life!  I am so stocked to see him skiing like this!

For my part, I felt during the trainings and broke my skis... But we made it: Kevin Rolland, Thomas Krief and I are competing in the finals!

Mike Riddle won the qualifiers with a very clean run. The Canadians are definitly here! I think about my friend Benoit Valentin who did not make it to the finals because he felt in his double.

Today is the D-day, Simon Dumont and Justin Dorey, pre-qualified, meet us for the finales. It is going to be a beautiful show to attend!


First episode : Dew Tour trainings in Breck

First episode : Dew Tour trainings in Breck
Winter's here! And like every year this means we had to leave our croissants and smelly cheeses in France and head for Colorado to commence our trainings so we can kill it this season.

And we're not alone! The whole freeskiing world seems to have found their way to Breckenridge and has started training. In between training sessions everybody seems to be discretely spying on their competitors level. And rightly so: all riders are cranking it up a notch this year. Pipe competitions should be sick this year with everybody throwing doubles as if it were nothing. 

We'eve done a first week of trainings with our coach (Greg Guenet ) who tought us some nasty tricks: back to back 1260 and double flair for Xavier and double Cork as well as a back to back double for me (Kevin that is, for those who don't know me).

Second week was a  bit more laid-back since we had a lot of downdays with the lousy weather. So in order to stay in shape we decided to launch an attack on the CoreUPT house with our brand new toy-guns.

So what does a day without skiing look like?

The alarm sounds at 8:00 and at 8:02 we check our mails, followed by the world famous breakface, the ideal combination of facebook and your regular old breakfast. After that it's time for some handbrake turns on the parking lot and some fast food (yup, we're serious athletes, we take our diets very serious)

This year, a new indoor train center has opened in Copper Mountain, allowing us to work our tricks to perfection on trampolines and land safely in warm welcoming foam pits before breaking all our bones in the icy half-pipe..

Next up is the Dew Tour, so pressure is rising. Its should be a really good show this year, so stay tuned and follow us will keep you updated!