The history of freeskiing | Freeski TV #16

If you think Freeskiing is a new sport, think again. Mike Douglas sounds off in a Rick Mercer-style rant about the History of Freeskiing, proving that the recent rise of boardsports has a lot less to do with skiing’s popularity than most people think. This is a must-see episode for every skier.

Dew Tour Snowbasin results

Jossi Wells has won the halfpipe of the second stop of the Dew Tour, which took place today at Snowbasin. Simon Dumont and Peter Olenick took place two and three (f*ck that ;)). The two best qualifiers, Kevin Rolland and Justin Dorey did not manage to get their place on the podium. Sarah Burke won the women's halfpipe.

More detailed reports soon on and Follow Us, Kevin Rolland and Xavier Bertoni's videoblog.


1) Jossi Wells - 92.50
2) Simon Dumont - 91.38
3) Peter Olenick - 89.50
4) Tucker Perkins - 87.25
5) Xavier Bertoni - 85.05
6) AJ Kemppainen - 84.00
7) Colby West - 81.25
8) Matt Duhamel - 76.50
9) Dan Marion - 74.00
10) Mike Riddle - 60.00
11) Kevin Rolland - 55.00
12) Justin Dorey - 45.75


1) Sarah Burke - 91.75
2) Jen Hudak - 88.75
3) Rosalind Groenewoud - 83.00
4) Anais Caradeux - 80.25
5) Virginie Faivre - 73.50
6) Jess Cumming - 68.75

Portfolio Adam Clark Part1

Some freesking in Alaska with Tanner, Sage, Seth and Dana by Adam Clark.

Freestyle in Korea | Freeski TV #7

John Symms heads to Asia to take a look into the emerging freeski scene in South Korea. XD and his X-Crew show off their outfits, cuisine, and passion for the sport at ski area that’s open 24/7. If this episode doesn’t make you smile, you need a new sport. Certainly one of the most surprising and interesting episode of Freeski TV!

Can't Stop - Sammy Carlson

We will be dropping the trailer for Can't Stop, "the Sammy Carlson movie" by Ride The Planets sometimes this week (could be today, could be friday). This will be an exclusive, so if you don't want to miss it, reload this page 24/7 or do it the easy way : subscribe to our Facebook page. The vid will be dropped there too!

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