Huge snow falls : portfolio

Most amazing pictures of the snow falls in french alps resorts...

Most amazing pictures of the snow falls in french alps resorts...

Marmotte 3 - l'Alpe d'Huez 6th January (ph : Laurent Salino)

After snow storm in Courchevel (ph : Christian Arnal)

Thomas Diet in Val Thorens

After an avalanche in Les Contamines (ph : Julien Coquelet)

                                     at 2 Alpes à 2600m in front of the snowcats garage  (ph : Arnaud Guerrand)

A car lost in the powder's ocean in Tignes (photo : TD)

Courchevel and his yatches under the snow (photo : J. Lieben)

                                    Too much in l'Alpe d'huez ?

                                    Snow falls in Tignes's resort (photo : TD)

Rosière 1850. That's why the link between Italy (la Thuile) is impossible at moment (ph : Thomas Bouderlique)

here are results of pictures contests "Snow Storm" on skipass (week end  17th -18th december 2011),winners are the 3 pictures below, They win one skipass T-shirt !

                                      Tignes (ph : Andy Parant)

Les Arcs  16th december (ph : Arno No/Benji)

Les Collons, Switzerland (ph : Meechel Kroabier)

Be careful with "fake" picture, the one below isn't St Anton  road but Yuki-no-Otani Snow Canyon  road in Japan few years ago...


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