Rookie : Andri Ragettli

If you've been on Zapiks these last days, you may have seen an impressive 2011-2010 edit from a 12 years old skier named Andri Ragettli. This young Swiss guy is already skiing better than most of us and with of lot of style. We couldn't wait to find out more about this rookie, so we've made a little interview...

If you've been on Zapiks these last days, you may have seen an impressive 2011-2010 edit from a 12 years old skier named Andri Ragettli. This young Swiss guy is already skiing better than most of us and with a lot of style. We couldn't wait to find out more about this rookie, so we've made a little interview...

Andri Ragettli - 12 years

Can you tell me more about you. Where do you live ? When did you start skiing ?
I’m Andri Ragettli I come from Flims – Laax. I’m twelve years old, (birth date : 21.08.1998).I'm in the 6, Primary school Class. I have a brother Gian 16 years old  and a sister Christina 18 years. Both are freeskiers
My hobbies are all different types of sports, soccer, downhillbike, skateboard, golf. I started skiing when I was 2 years old, because I live in one of the biggest ski resorts in Switzerland.

You posted a very impressive edit 2011. When did you shoot it ? And with who ?
We filmed at  the end of the season 2011 in march and april. With my  Czech friend Lukas Lukin Mikula, also a skier.

Already more than 30 000 views on zapiks, did you expect that ?
Nooooooo, I never thought that so many people will watch my edit. But the edit ist just so good filmed and edited, I’m really happy about it.

How can you explain that at 12 years old, you're already skiing better than many guys older than you ?
Because in every free minute in my free time I’m here in Laax and I started Freeskiing at  the age 8.

 Tell me about your 2010-2011 winter season ? Did you have some fun ?
Yes, this was my best winter ever, I has so much fun with Lukas and all my other friends.

Already of lot of style....(ph : Gaudenz Danuser)

Have you done some trips or contests this winter ?
I was successful at the Swiss Championships, I got the 4. Place and on the Swiss Freeskitour I got the third Place. I’m really happy about the results over the whole winter.
I’ve never competed on so many contests as this season. But I also did a lot of trips to Livigno, val Senales, les Croset, 4 Vallées.

Have you ever been skiing in France ?
Yes last year I was in France for the Quikslver Radar at the Euro X- Games. I got the second Place. The skiresort is huge. And this year I was in les crosets.

Andri on the second podium step of 2010 Quicksilver Radar.

Who do you think is best French skier ? best Swiss skier ? Best skier ever ?
I like Candide Thovex. Swisskiers Elias Ambühl, Jonas Hunziker, and Chrisitian Bieri. For me the best skier is Russ Henshaw because I like his technical style.

With who do you usually ski ?
With my brother Gian he is 16 years old and some friends for example Albin Luck and Lukas.

What are you going to do this summer? Keep skiing ?
I will stay in Flims here I go skateboarding or go downhillbiking. In July I will go 1 week to Czech Republic to Lukas hometown. And I will  travel with my mother and my sister for a safari trip to south Africa.

Any plans for next winter?
My plans are to have a lot of fun and film some new cool tricks. I also hope next year will be more snow for Freeriding.

270 out - Laax...(ph : Gaudenz Danuser)

Which trick are you dreaming to land ?
Switch double cork.

What do you think about triples we've seen at Jon Olsson Invitationnal ? Do you like it ?
A lot of respect to the skiers who landed triples, but I think Freeskiing is turning to Arial skiing, where style and fun isn’t important any more.

Thanks a lot Andri, anything more you wanna say ?
Thanks for the interview, I will also thank to my sponsors (Armada, Orage, Oakley, Giro, Dalbello, Marker, Amalgan) and friends and especially Lukas Mikula.


Livestyle by Sandra Blaser

PHOTO Gaudenz Danuser (expect mentions)

Cover on Laax Official Newspaper !

PHOTO Gaudenz Danuser (expect mentions)

Flatspin - Laax

PHOTO Gaudenz Danuser (expect mentions)

A boxe as hight as me...

PHOTO Gaudenz Danuser (expect mentions)

Another Andri's hobbie : skateboarding (ph : Sandra Blaser)

PHOTO Gaudenz Danuser (expect mentions)

with style...

PHOTO Gaudenz Danuser (expect mentions)

Andri Crap

PHOTO Gaudenz Danuser (expect mentions)

2010 Quicksilver Radar - X Games - Tignes

PHOTO Gaudenz Danuser (expect mentions)

27 out - Laax

PHOTO Gaudenz Danuser (expect mentions)

Gian and Andri, the brothers

PHOTO Gaudenz Danuser (expect mentions)

Hoch Ybrig (ph : Ruedi Flück)

PHOTO Gaudenz Danuser (expect mentions)

DH rookie as well ?

PHOTO Gaudenz Danuser (expect mentions)

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Pradeep Shrestha

Pradeep Shrestha

i like his trick,and ilike the way he interview.he is such nice you.

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