JOI - the 4 qualified

This year Skipass has been organized exclusively the JOI europe video qualifyers. Here are the 4 qualified !

This year Skipass has been organized exclusively the JOI europe video qualifyers. We had 14 riders who wanted to visit Jon Olsson in Are from 22th to 23th April. It was easy to get your chance : edit a 2 minutes video with 4 tricks. The first step was dedicated to public vote (numver of "likes" = 33% of the final score). The second step was the jury's vote : Laurent Favre and Jon Olsson him self voted for their best riders. The job was not easy cause all video were pretty good and they were very stocked about european level ! At the end, they agree on 4 rider according to the public votes.

They can already book their flight for Sweden....

  1. Markus Eder
  2. Julien Lange
  3. Jeremy Pancras
  4. Nicolas Vuignier


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