Smith I/OX 2015

Smith I/OX
SUGGESTPRICE. From 180 to 235 $ From 180 to 235 €
TARGET_AUDIENCE : Men large faces
16 available colours : Black, charcoal, acid colorblock, Black Sabotage, Revival Prairie, Poolside Palms, Screaming Eagle, Navy Archive, Fire Block, Revival Mustard, Cypress Plammo, Charcoal Stickfort, Black Burnout, Orange Kook, Abma Totem, Xavier Voodoo
Description of the Smith I/OX goggle :
I/OX allow unparalleled peripheral vision: this the snowboard goggle that provides an incredibly wide field of vision. This model has amazing advanced technical features like the exclusive interchangeable lenses system: with changes in the weather or light, the lens can be replaced quickly by ...
(By Smith)
9 available screens types :
  • Photochromic Red Sensor
  • Gold Sol X
  • Blackout
  • Green Sol X
  • Red Sol X
  • Platinium
  • Ignitor
  • Red Sensor
  • Sensor
FOG_WHITE_DAY Fog / White day
BAD_WEATHER Bad weather
SUNNY_GLACIER Very sunny / Glacier
Options :
Removable screen spheric screen second screen free helmet compatible glass compatible view accomodation triple layer face foam


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