Gloryfy GP1 sweety 2012

Gloryfy GP1 sweety
SUGGESTPRICE. 171 $ 119 €
TARGET_AUDIENCE : Women all faces
2 available colours : Pink, crown princess
Description of the Gloryfy GP1 sweety goggle :
The gloryfy GP1 sweety pink's bright pink frame and the purple mirrored lens make sure the ladies are equipped with all they need on the piste, in deep snow and/or in the snow park! The gloryfy GP1 sweety crown princess with the denim frame these goggles are a vital accessory with ...
(By Gloryfy)
2 available screens types :
  • orange miroir
  • lavande miroir
FOG_WHITE_DAY Fog / White day
BAD_WEATHER Bad weather
Options :
Removable screen spheric screen helmet compatible


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