Rome Detail
278 mm
240 mm

R. 7 m
278 mm

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Description of the Rome Detail (by Rome).BOMBDROPS FOR BOMBSHELLS What do MFR and Silvia Mittermuller have in common other than they both annihilate everything they drop, hit, slash, or jib? They both up the ante on the Detail for rails, boxes and ledges. With a Gumby-like flex profile and Rome’s Bronze Edges to absorb rail ...
TYPE. Freestyle level. Beginner/Intermediate
SIZES. 140  143 cms 146 149  STANCE. 550 mm
TECHNOLOGIE. Pop Core Matrix/ lightweight and smooth flexing StraightBiax Laminate/ 90-degree off-axis glass fibers give a mellow, easy-to-control flex profile Impact Base/ baseline speed with added durability Bronze Edges/ catch-free and resistant to cracking Positive Camber/ traditional positive camber ...


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