Picture organic Travel 2013

 Picture organic Travel [Slide mouse cursor on picture to view zoom]
SUGGESTPRICE. 302 $ / 189 £
Available in : White, Black, blue
Brand or type of liner used : bioceramic lining, brush polar lining
Brand and name of the membrane used : Biofit
Waterproofed Fit Large
Description of the Picture organic Travel pants :
100% waterproof Printed Zip pockets Welded seams for an absolute wind and snow proofness Bellows pocket Hand pocket Heater 5 external pockets Anti-snow dress with 3 ties to join to the jacket Cargo pocket with elastic for Gloves attachments Key pocket or ashtray pocket !! Skirt rising ...
(By Picture organic)
Water resistance
> 10 000
30 000
> 20 000
30 000




love these pants !!! i will purchase for sure !!

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