Oakley Simon Dumont: Ascertain

 Oakley Simon Dumont: Ascertain
Oakley Simon Dumont: Ascertain [Slide mouse cursor on picture to view zoom]
Available in. White, Jet black, spectrum blue
Description of the Oakley Simon Dumont: Ascertain jacket (by Oakley).Simon is known for his pipe skills, but after a bog storm he hits the backcountry. The ascertain jacket is outfitted and has Recco technology to take advantage of those pow days. And for parks days slip on the internal back pack sling strap for hiking the pipe.




Hey, do you guys have any footage that btteer underscores the uber-macho, uneducated, Hawaiian surfer stereotype? But seriously, a few notes 1.) Non-hormonal chickens 2.) Please assure that Makua continues to sing only in Hawaiian, this sparing us any lyrics we can understand. 3.) Lifted truck + machine gun = least Jewish Jewish guy of all time. Holding my breath for the Kalani Chapman behind-the-scenes.


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