119 mm
94 mm

R. 19 m
130 mm

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Description of the Movement Magnet (by Movement).The MAGNET is the bigger (read: wider) brother of the BOND, aimed more at the new-school of FREE-TOURING where a more imposing width is increasingly important. The MAGNET borrows the playful and lively characteristics of its little brother, but really comes into its own in tricky snow and the ...
TYPE. Touring level. Expert WEIGHT. 3,000 kg
SIZES. 169  177 cms 183 
 (without bindings)
nose rocker
traditional camber nose rocker
traditional camber
TECHNOLOGIE. TYPE: MLTech / WOODCORE: light karuba & composite / TOP: corund shiny / FIBER: dynamic light tri-axial & carbon / BASE: p-tex 4000 1.3 mm


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