109 mm
84 mm

R. 19 m
120 mm

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Description of the Movement Bond X-Series (by Movement).This season's BOND follows the same logic as the rest of the X-SERIES; maximising performance and efficiency in the high-alpine arena through minimising weight and optimising skiability. This year's construction has evolved and now includes the latest generation of complex fibres from ...
TYPE. Touring level. Expert WEIGHT. 2,200 kg
SIZES. 161 169  177 cms 183 
 (without bindings)
nose rocker
traditional camber nose rocker
traditional camber
TECHNOLOGIE. TYPE: X MLTech / WOODCORE: ultra light karuba selection + poplar composite + psa technology / TOP: serigraphie / FIBER: dynamic light triaxial & carbon + north tpt / BASE: p-tex 4000 1.3 mm / SPECIAL: tpt thin-ply technology


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