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Billabong Kailash

Billabong 2012 (SEE_ALL)

Billabong Bob Marley Bob Marley
Two layers, lined 2012 - The BOB MARLEY jacket. A technical jacket with ecological Rasta colors. A collaboration with the House of Marley. 100% recycled polyester, vents, powder skirt, Lycra inner cuffs,waterproof zips.
377 €
Billabong Haywire Haywire
Two layers, lined 2012 - Here's a technical jacket super light, stretchy with performance when it concerns waterproofing and breathability. The HAYWIRE is much appreciated by Wolle Nyvet, probably the ideal jacket for backcountry. It features the lastest innovations developped by Billabong including the "Aved ...
435 €
Billabong Nicolas Thomas Nicolas Thomas
Two layers, lined 2012 - The NICOLAS THOMAS jacket.Technical and ecological in collaboration with the artist Nicolas Thomas.100% recycled polyester, vents, powder skirt, Lycra inner cuffs,waterproof zips.
377 €
Billabong Tweak Tweak
Two layers, lined 2012 - Here is the entry-level jacket from Billabong, Play it safe with The Tweak Jacket. The Tweak is available in several prints and colors. Its features include waterproof zips and buckles to connect your jacket to your pants.
239 €
Billabong Kailash Kailash
Down 2012 - The Kalash jacket features the Eldeven technology (duck down) and the last technology innovations innovations developped by Billabong specially for the "Aved Series", the series worn by the Billabong Team.
507 €
Billabong Yes sir Yes sir
Two layers, lined 2012 - We bring to you a jacket with a simple printed camouflage to blend into the mountains. It fashions a"snow skirt", lycra sleeves as well as waterproof zips. Ready to brave the cold?
420 €
Billabong Five-O Five-O
Two layers, lined 2012 - Thicker than the Crown. Features: breakdowns, a "snow skirt", Lycra sleeves, waterproof zips and buckles to connect your jacket to your pants. Leave the snow on the mountain!
304 €
Billabong Fission Fission
Two layers, lined 2012 - "A technical jacket, lightweight and high performance in terms of insulation and breathability. The jacket uses the latest advanced techniques developed by Billabong in the program 'Aved Series', for Billabong ...
435 €
Billabong Mute Mute
Two layers, lined 2012 - Nylon stucture.100% Polyamide, The Mute is versatile whatever your level. Features: breakdowns, a "snow skirt", sleeves Lycra and waterproof zips and buckles to connect your jacket to your pants.
261 €
Billabong Wolle Wolle
Two layers, lined 2012 - The Signature Series by Billabong rider Wolle Nyvelt. A technical jacket, light and powerful, ideal for the backcountry. vents, powder skirt, Lycra inner cuffs, waterproof zips.
406 €
Billabong Matt Matt
Two layers, lined 2012 - The Matt Jacket is light and adapted to the morphology of athletes. It features: vents, powder skirt,Lycra inner cuffs, waterproof zips.
348 €
Billabong Silver Silver
Two layers, lined 2012 - Quality meets simplicity in The Silver jacket. Monochrome jacket with breakdowns, a "snow skirt", Lycra sleeves and waterproof zips and buckles to connect your jacket to your pants.
268 €

Billabong 2012 women (SEE_ALL)

Billabong Jelly Jelly
Two layers, lined 2012 - Here is the entry-level jacket from Billabong. The Jelly is available in several colors. Its features include waterproof zips and buckles to connect your jacket to your pants.
239 €
Billabong Anne Flore Anne Flore
Two layers, lined 2012 - Signature Series of the Franco-Swiss snowboarder AnneFlore Marxer, World Champion Free Ride 2011. Ecological and solidarity! FLORA ANNE jacket is made of recycled materials and supports the Keep ...
377 €
Billabong Nita Nita
Two layers, lined 2012 - If you prefer padded jackets, you can opt for the jacket NITA.Feature: ventilation, removable powder skirt, Lycra inner cuffs,waterproof zips and buckles.
304 €
Billabong Ines Ines
Two layers, lined 2012 - The INES Jacket has a timeless colourful style. Features: ventilation, removable powder skirt,Lycra inner cuffs, waterproof zips and buckles to connect your jacket to your pants.
261 €
Billabong Jenny Jenny
Two layers, lined 2012 - This is a signature series of the pro rider, Jenny Jones. Technical jacket adapted to the morphology of the riders and provides maximum comfort. Features: vents, powder skirt, Lycra inner cuffs, waterproof zips
377 €
Billabong Lili Lili
Two layers, lined 2012 - If you want to be spotted on the hill, the LILI jacket is fun and colourful.. Feature:ventilation, removable powder skirt, Lycra inner cuffs,waterproof zips and buckles.
275 €

Billabong 2012 kids' (SEE_ALL)

Billabong Orion Orion
Two layers, lined 2012 - Billabong Jacket for children, the Orion jacket is perfect for first powder. Available in several colors and patterns.
116 €
Billabong Julia Julia
Two layers, lined 2012 - JULIA Jacket for little rippers, perfect for the first powdery days. Available in several colors and patterns.
145 €
Billabong Dusk Dusk
Two layers, lined 2012 - Made for children, Dusk is a versatile jacket with fun colors.100% Polyester.
174 €
Billabong Unit Unit
Two layers, lined 2012 - Made for children, the Unit is a versatile jacket. 100% Polyester.
116 €
Billabong Anna Anna
Two layers, lined 2012 - Made for children, the ANNA is a versatile jacket with colorfun. 100% Polyamide.
174 €
Billabong Lea Lea
Two layers, lined 2012 - The LEA jacket will provide style and comfort for your child. 100% Polyamide.
159 €